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Well-being of a human being stands at the core of human development. Well-being is distinct from subjectivity (e.g. Happiness) or material (e.g. Luxury Houses). Well-being can be represented as Freedom. The Freedom to do and to be. Followed by the life human beings are effectively able to lead. The same idea drives KSHAMTA Foundation. Inspired by the seminal work of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and economist Mahbub Ul Haq on Human Capabilities, this approach is popularly known as Capability Approach. KSHAMTA Foundation is concerned with the relevant kind of distinction, the Means-Ends Distinction. We are concerned whether the people are able to be healthy and whether the means or resources necessary for this capability such as clean water, adequate sanitation, access to Doctors, protect...

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Adding Value


Tilottama Singh saves her livestock

Tilottama Singh, Rangamati, Lathikata Panchayat Samiti, Sundargarh, lost 15 hens to various diseases. She was worried about her remaining livestock. She interacted with veterinary experts in an awareness camp organised by KSHAMTA FOUNDATION. She also received advisories on disease management and vaccination of livestock, and learns proper rearing methods. By changing her rearing practices, she could save her hens from diseases.


Concern for Safe water and Sanitation in villages

We want a transformed World – a World where every man, woman and child live a life with dignity, free of preventable diseases and with equal opportunities to succeed. That is why, we provide an alternative Livelihood option to the Rural Poor Communities, and we show them a fair and sustainable way to alleviate poverty. And, we are also concerned with the factors intensifying poverty, i.e. lack of Safe & Sustainable Sanitation. We at, KSHAMTA […]


Kshamta Foundation solutions gave Baidyanath Singh an experience of a better life

Understanding the importance of fodder cultivation, its profitability and relevant cropping practices, Baidyanath Singh of Bheluadihi village, under Gyanpali GP of Kutra Panchayat Samiti, has started Sugar Graze cultivation in cultivating land of 3 acres. In every crop, his family earns a lump-sum amount and the savings incurred are spent of children’s education. His migrated brother is now back to home. Being convinced by the Innovative Sustainable Agricultural Practices(SAPs) and the services rendered by Kshamta […]


Generating maximum from sustainable agricultural practices

I had never gone for seed treatment/ cash cropping in my farming pattern, which resulted in a poor figure income. Situation did not improve in spite of my hard work and cultivation of traditional rice cultivation & vegetable production in my 2 acres of cultivating land. Things started changing after I attended awareness/ sensitization programmes conducted by KSHAMTA FOUNDATION and followed sustainable Agricultural practices, which increased my income. I started fodder cultivation. The relevant information […]


Mitigating crisis through alternate livelihood

I have been suffering from severe financial crunch after I started the construction of my house. When I came across with KSHAMTA FOUNDATION, I along with few other villagers have got enrolled with Krushishakti FPO for an alternative option of livelihood, without bringing any changes to the pre-existing business of stationery-cum-grocery shop and the traditional rice and vegetable cultivation. I am now quite happy that I am no longer in a financial crunch as I […]


Rethinking Livelihood

“Never have I thought that I can earn something my own, I can do something for my family, after my retirement from TISCO. And in those days, incurring family expenses and the expenses towards the education of my children, from the salary of 2 sons was quite difficult. But after meeting Mr. Lakra Lalit and other officials from Kshamta Foundation, I started thinking differently. Gradually, my earnings started increasing after going for fodder crops one after another. […]


Knowledge sharing for development

KSHAMTA FOUNDATION has initiated a contemporary and comprehensive Data Centre and Knowledge Hub to provide relevant training, consulting and research for the grass-root level developmental and social business institutions in Odisha and nearby states. Kshamta Livelihood Programme (KLP) team has started preparing various literature and booklets on programme and programme models.


Empowering rural women through financial literacy

With core objectives to enhance women’s capacities to address the financial and gender issues, a Programme on Financial Literacy & Women Empowerment was initiated with a support of SIDBI-PSIG. Financial literacy refers to the ability to make informed judgements and to take effective decisions regarding the use and management of the money. This programme have a particular focus such as developing saving habit among target group, customer protection, business management, deal with money management skills, […]


Development through Collectivism

“We had never thought that we will work collectively for our development. For the first time, I have earned money out of our hard work”–-Rajesh Bara, Nabin Minz and George Lakra, Farmers of Laxmiposh Village, Kutra Pachayat Samiti, Sundargarh As a result of Institution Building initiatives of Kshamta Foundation a group of farmers in this village came together and collectively cultivate the land of around 30 acres. To have optimum profit, they cultivated fodder. Within […]


Creation of a better future through skill development

Rohit Pramanik, a common boy from Rourkela. The only helping hands of his parents. He, being a member of BPL family, continuing his Graduation from the local Gandhi college of Raurkela, with the hope that it will enable him to get placed and be self-sufficient. He added his educational qualifications with a six months Computer Learning Certificate from a computer learning centre. He was shortlisted for many interviews, but lack of hands-on training and employability […]


Enhancing Livelihood of Mr. Alexus Lakra

45 years old Alexus Lakra was one among the harassed farmers from his village in Samlaimunda, Sundargarh, Odisha, to give his family a standards of living and life, to give his children better education. While he had always tried to support the dreams of his family members, a poor monsoon, scanty irrigation facilities and crops plunged them into severe financial crisis. This prompted him to go for daily labour as an alternative option of livelihoods, […]

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