Well-being of a human being stands at the core of human development. Well-being is distinct from subjectivity (e.g. Happiness) or material (e.g. Luxury Houses). Well-being can be represented as Freedom. The Freedom to do and to be. Followed by the life human beings are effectively able to lead. The same idea drives KSHAMTA Foundation. Inspired by the seminal work of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and economist Mahbub Ul Haq on Human Capabilities, this approach is popularly known as Capability Approach.

KSHAMTA Foundation is concerned with the relevant kind of distinction, the Means-Ends Distinction. We are concerned whether the people are able to be healthy and whether the means or resources necessary for this capability such as clean water, adequate sanitation, access to Doctors, protection from infections and diseases and the basic knowledge of health, are present.

We are concerned whether people are well nourished, whether people have quality education, have a level playing field to acquire a decent job, have proper economic leverages to start a business or tackling emergency situations. We are also concerned whether they are suffering from lack of self-respect and if they are taking active part in the community life.

In the end we thoroughly understand that above mentioned entitlements are not the ends of well-being, only their means. This understanding creates our commitment to Enhance Capabilities and Add Values for People.

As the world seeks to define a new development agenda post-2015, Our Foundation’s approach is aligned with the processes of development that can improve people’s well-being that are beyond economic solutions only.