We want a transformed World – a World where every man, woman and child live a life with dignity, free of preventable diseases and with equal opportunities to succeed. That is why, we provide an alternative Livelihood option to the Rural Poor Communities, and we show them a fair and sustainable way to alleviate poverty. And, we are also concerned with the factors intensifying poverty, i.e. lack of Safe & Sustainable Sanitation.

We at, KSHAMTA FOUNDATION, understand that, lack of Safe Sanitation impulses open defecation and ultimately intensifies gender inequality, decreases productivity, increases healthcare expenditure and undoubtedly increases Economic Burden.
So we do accordingly. While our Livelihood team promotes Poultry Farming as an Income Generation Programme at village like Rangamati, Bhandartola of Birkera GP under Lathikata Panchayat Samiti, we construct low-cost and safe leach pit toilets for those beneficiaries. Our livelihood programme offers them higher income and Safe Toilets constructed by us make them free from Economic burden.

It’s really high time to accelerate our programme. We simply cannot wait. We are on the way to get a toilet in every home. It’s our duty.

-Debendra Amat, WATSAN Programme Officer, KSHAMTA FOUNDATION