With core objectives to enhance women’s capacities to address the financial and gender issues, a Programme on Financial Literacy & Women Empowerment was initiated with a support of SIDBI-PSIG.

Financial literacy refers to the ability to make informed judgements and to take effective decisions regarding the use and management of the money. This programme have a particular focus such as developing saving habit among target group, customer protection, business management, deal with money management skills, advocating healthy financial practices etc. Varied techniques such as videos, stories, activities, comic books etc. are used, along with traditional methods of classroom training. Since this pilot project had limited numbers of target group, it has incorporated Mass Awareness through various folklore like Pala, Dance, Drama, Song etc.

The Programme was initiated in villages of Bonai,Lathikata, Badagaon, Rajgangpur and Sundargarh Panchayat Samitis.