45 years old Alexus Lakra was one among the harassed farmers from his village in Samlaimunda, Sundargarh, Odisha, to give his family a standards of living and life, to give his children better education. While he had always tried to support the dreams of his family members, a poor monsoon, scanty irrigation facilities and crops plunged them into severe financial crisis. This prompted him to go for daily labour as an alternative option of livelihoods, so he could help his family deal with the crisis.

KSHAMTA FOUNDATION extended a sustainable support of livelihood for maize cultivation with facilitation of inputs and irrigation and marketing. The family, including the irrigated one, now cultivates 15 acres of their owned & leased land, and lives a comfortable and prosperous life with the income they generate from their farmlands.

His children are happy at their school hostels; Sri Lakra is busy in completing his half-constructed house with a Safe Toilet. He is planning to add more cultivating land and farmlands closed to the river to this profitable fodder cultivation.