To create and promote alternate and sustainable livelihood through entrepreneurship development for low income households and mainstreaming of economically weaker sections through financial inclusion in tribal districts of Odisha and nearby states.

Kshamta Foundation is committed to work for economic development to build strong and sustainable communities. It recognizes the unique challenges faced by the Sundargarh District communities, many of which are small, rural and remote, hence, Kshamta Foundation targets its support to help them create the conditions necessary for economic growth and development.


Kshamta Foundation has broadened its activities through creating Farmer Producer Organizations and leveraged the identified opportunities which comprises in three areas:

  • Krushi Shakti Farmer Producer Co. Ltd: for promotion of agriculture, flora culture, organic farming. Farmers cultivate Maize for Fodder under the Fodder Cultivation program in this FPO. Presently, about 80 farmers are engaged in maize cultivation over a land of around 300 acres. Farmers make an average annual income of INR 90,000.
  • Navagram Agro-Producers Co. Ltd: for promoting non-timber forest products; Honey, Lac, etc. Members are engaged in the activity of Honey Bee Keeping and Lac Cultivation. Sundargarh district offers a plenty of forest cover which makes these activities both viable and remunerative. Presently, about 150 households are engaged in these two activities.
  • Sundargarh Farmers Poultry Producers Co. Ltd: for promoting animal husbandry. Rural housewives are provided with backyard poultry farming support. The birds reared are for dual purpose, meat and egg. Presently, about 300 women beneficiaries are availing benefits of this program.