Core Wheel (Enhancing Capabilities)

Every individual and society has a set of valuable characteristics and potentials but the freedom to demonstrate them remains limited due to psychological, physical and social barriers. Kshamta as an organization would work on enabling people to develop and liberate their untapped potential. Working on skills and knowledge building will enable the individuals and society to create developmental changes.

Second Wheel (Opportunities and Entrepreneurship)

The consciously designed training courses of the foundation will respond to the existing skill gaps in the society. Moreover the training focus on building and enhancing the cognitive and non cognitive abilities of the individuals in different weight in accordance to the market demand. The skills taught at one stage will augment for the skills required at a later stage. In entrepreneurial context, Kshamta will work on the socially constructed nature of opportunity to create and innovate in building something of recognized value around market opportunities. The mechanism of knowledge diffusion at subsequent intervals of time will help them in sustaining the system at equilibrium.

Third wheel (Values, Effective Management and Lateral Thinking)

The role of embedding values, defining and redefining them in relevance to developmental context will capacitate for competitive and effective management approach. The technical workshops of lateral thinking cadre will result in adopting problem solving skills and bettering human habitat through spreading of models at environmental, economical and social levels.

Outer wheel (Inclusive Development and Self Actualization)

Satisfying all the essentialities of the three inner wheels envisages our dream of self actualization at the individual level and inclusive development at the societal level. Bringing out the dormant creative capacity of an individual encourages him for scientific thinking, yearning for excellence and awakening them to lead a value based life. At the societal level, a level wise platform gets created within each sector to carry forward the development wheel through a sustainable model. This systematic and holistic approach of businesses and institutions working collaboratively, transparently and accountably will contribute for sustainable economic and social development.