We dream of a society where individuals are able to attain their true potential.

KSHAMTA aims at realizing its vision based on three pillars, which are, Physical health, Mental Well Being and Professional/ Personal growth for a common desire and commitment to build a people centered and inclusive development oriented society. The vision of framing integrated institutions would enable everyone in the society to create access, utilize and share knowledge to accelerate the inclusive development of the society.


We empower and add value to the challenged communities by providing opportunities and capabilities to achieve their true potential and bring positive changes through inclusive development, collaboration and innovation.

As a developmental institution, KSHAMTA Foundation would leverage itself in understanding the current levels of inclusion of the society and accordingly provide opportunities in order to form a socially inclusive environment. The mission will be accomplished through creating institutional frameworks popularizing for growth oriented awareness among masses by conducting trainings, workshops, seminars etc. turning them into people’s programme. The co-ordination with government and other institutions driven by collaborative research programmes will strive for developmental activities that create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.


  1. Excellence: in each and every sphere of organizational activity and achieving results that is better than the best.
  2. Innovation: Attitudinal and practical expression of imagination defines our culture rising to challenges.
  3. Professionalism: by carrying ourselves with a positive image, willing to accept constructive feedback and maintaining composure under professional or personal pressure.
  4. Team Work: thinking and working together in all organizational dimensions leveraging unity through communal sharing.
  5. Passion: our internal energy drives enthusiasm and promotes team spirit to engender a long term relationship with our clients
  6. Empathy: in understanding the concerns and ideas of people all around whether within or external to the organization and be cordial to them at all times.
  7. Transparency: practice of total transparency & openness in business functioning, customer & supplier transactions & policies.